7 reasons


7 reasons why direct mail delivers better results than Google Adwords or social media… and at less cost!

Many well-known organisations are now recognising that print and direct mail are simply more effective mediums for communicating personally with their customers, stakeholders or members and, harnessed with the accessibility of the internet provides a richer and more rewarding experience for the recipient – and an increased and improved quality of response for the sender.

These are just 7 reasons why Direct Mail could deliver a better result than Google Adwords for your organisation.

1. It’s more reliable!
Email regularly doesn’t even reach the intended recipient, gets caught in the spam folder or is blatantly ignored and deleted. This occurs even more so than physical messages because a) it’s easier to throw emails away, and b) most people get considerably more of them!

A personal letter or mailer is not only guaranteed to be delivered but much more likely to be opened and read. Who doesn’t get curious about a personally-addressed letter or package?

Just opening the piece makes all the difference and sets the ball in motion that gets your marketing message acted upon!

2. It reaches the parts email can’t reach!
Corporate email is regularly filtered by increasingly sophisticated software to prevent unwanted or unrequested marketing messages reaching a recipients inbox in the first place.

A personally-addressed direct mail letter is far more likely to reach the desk of the Managing Director, Senior Managers or other important decision maker if it’s correctly addressed

And once they’ve got it, it’s much less likely to be binned if it’s useful or feels too good to throw away! It’s better at stimulating a search for your products and services, or re-engaging with your existing or lost customers as long as it’s well designed and well-targeted.

3. It re-inforces your branding!
Emails can convey your brand but not with the same credibility and power as the physical presence of a well-designed high quality you but it’s often the wrong kind of branding. You become the online pest that has no shame in filling their already-flooded inboxes with more self-serving messages. Through direct mail, your brand gains more valuable recognition throughout your industry.

For one, spreading your presence across multiple formats breathes more life into your brand and makes you seem more like a legitimate business. The physical nature of the medium lends an incredible weight to your company image.

Also, if you do direct mail the right way, wherein you’re offering value instead of a self-serving sales pitch, the great feelings associated with your brand go through the roof. If this is the first impression you make with your prospect, you’ve started down a path that will set the tone for your years to come.

4. It’s More Targeted!
Emails are really a numbers game, aren’t they? And since the response rates are so low, most marketers take a blanket approach and get their campaign out to as many recipients as possible.

Eventually this may pay off if you send out enough of them, but the more general your email the more diluted its effect, and many great prospects fall through the cracks.

With direct mail, you can target a specific market, sector, region, status, or all of the above. And since the conversion rates are so much higher, you can afford to put more time into each communication, further honing in on your prospect and their specific wants and needs.

5. It Holds Attention!
Online mediums have done a lot for increasing the ability of companies to reach wider audiences, but just as the breadth of your reach has expanded so has the field of your audience’s attention. In other words, there are tons of points of distraction in the online world, and computer users are extremely scattered.

It’s a rare target who can even focus solely on their work – let alone focus on one communication regarding their business. They’re checking their Facebook messages, responding to emails, chasing down new interests, playing online games, reading their favorite blogs, fielding Skype messages, and ignoring a host of marketers promising to make them richer, slimmer, and better-looking.

Back to direct mail. Your prospects can give your letter their FULL attention without being disturbed with pop-ups and other computer distractions. They’re sitting in their office, they’ve got the package in their hand, and even if they don’t get to it right away, eventually they will give it undistracted attention that you can capitalize on.

6. It’s a Higher-Quality Medium!
There’s a reason that emails and other strictly online promotions are so often ignored. Because these are generally half-efforts and it shows!

It’s not that these mediums can’t be effective; it’s just that the barrier to entry is so low lazy businesspeople that wouldn’t otherwise be in business try to use them as a shortcut to success.

Direct mail is a tangible, high-end strategy and it shows. This isn’t playing at marketing – this is the real deal. Through your well-crafted package, you connect with real people who then get online to express real interest.

You receive a list containing the full name, address, email, and phone number of the decision makers, so your staff can follow up every letter with a friendly phone call – yes, a real-world conversation where you implement proven sales strategies to connect with your audience and get them handing over credit card information.

Trust us when we say the pseudo-businesses stuffing your prospects’ inbox full of emails are not making this kind of effort, and that’s why they’re not getting the sales…

7. It’s Unique!
The world’s smartest business minds will tell you that success lies in looking at what the crowd is doing and then doing exactly the opposite.

Well, internet marketing showed a lot of promise, but unfortunately, marketers have oversold it. Because of the over-optimism and overselling, everyone has jumped on board and these mediums are now highly crowded.

Direct mail, a strategy that has been around for ages, has been highly underestimated and left alone, and smart marketers who know its power are taking advantage of the quiet room to have a field day!

Your competitors are not using direct mail; they’re too busy underestimating the learning curve with Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, and cold email campaigns. They are ignoring the amazing power of direct mail marketing, and thus you can easily stand apart and reap the rewards.

As you can see, direct mail has quite a bit going for it.

It’s important to realize that new technologies are not always better than old technologies. In fact, those who get the most out of new technologies don’t just use them in a vacuum, ignoring the way things were done in the past.

Rather, they use them to expand on what already works, seamlessly blending them with old tech to create a synergy that is better than any of its parts.

And that’s how our direct mail system works. By combining the time-tested direct mail approach with email marketing, re-marketing ads and other online tactics to bypass the competition and create a snowball effect that builds your brand and generates heaps of new profits.