Meet the team


We’re quite a mixed bunch at Burleigh Create. From design addicts to strategic thinkers, it takes a broad range of skills and expertise to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients, across the spectrum of creative marketing.

When we’re not immersed in design and production, you may find us: riding two wheels, learning to be musical, traveling, taking photos or on a long walk with a muddy dog.

Greg Corrigan

In addition to his busy work life setting the vision and direction for Burleigh Create, building new relationships with our clients and making sure all projects, big and small are accounted for accurately; Greg enjoys gardening, cycling, travelling and surfing (although we are yet to see proof of his surfing abilities).

He also enjoys spending time with his family and dog, Lottie.

When asked what his idea of success was, he answered: having the choice to do what you what, whenever you want. His superpower would be to travel in time.

His strengths include the delivery of fresh Friday pastries.

Fraser Ebbs

Fraser makes sure that our marketing and business development focuses on growing our reach and impact, so we can make a meaningful difference to our clients. He enjoys working with interesting people and businesses and isn’t happy unless they are happy.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and dog. His hobbies include cycling up big mountains, spending time on the coast or standing in rivers…..!

Interestingly, his superpower would be to give everyone ‘a glass half full’ attitude and his idea of success is the satisfaction that a job has been done well.

He dislikes negativity!

Klaudia Mankowska
Studio Manager

Klaudia is the newest addition to our team. With a ‘can do’ attitude to any given task, she with the help of Rob, ensures that everything in the studio runs smooth as silk. She also manages our social media accounts, and liaises with clients directly.

Klaudia graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, alongside modules in Marketing, Branding and Advertising. She likes sharing new ideas with the team and is interested in art direction and photography.

Outside of work, she loves travelling and trying new things. She enjoys sports, particularly boxing and running, spending time with her friends, family and fluffy eared dog Teyo.

Robin Dodd
Production Manager

Officially, a production manager, however Rob is a man of many talents. He is the go-to person with any tech difficulties and we are yet to experience a question that Rob didn’t have an answer to.

In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors. He loves listening to music (and has a great music taste too!), walking and cycling. His hobbies include teaching swimming, although we are pretty sure that he is really a part time wizard.

Rob has worked for the company for over 9 years, and his ‘affable’ personality and great work ethic allows him to adapt well to any given project.

Robs’ superpower would be to be able to speak every language in the world!

What makes him laugh? The absurdity of everyday life.

John Steele
Senior Designer

Fuelled by cuppa soup, coffee and chocolate rice cakes; John is responsible for our creative designs. With his head filled with great ideas and an impressive 30 years experience, you can rest assured that your projects are in good hands.

During his off hours, he enjoys spending time with his family and a crazy dog, and is currently giving his best at taking piano lessons.

John has humbly described himself as an extremely talented, mild mannered individual, which shows that he’s also got a good sense of humour….

Motto: He who dares wins. (Rodders)

Martin Emmerson
Graphic Designer

Martin is our second graphic designer. His projects are delivered with an immaculate attention to detail and of the highest of standards.

Martin is probably the most talented of us all and his hobbies include playing guitar, keyboard, a little bit of drums, singing, amateur dramatics, photography and soon to be painting! (The list goes on…)

Martin has also got a great sense of humour and when asked whether he has a motto that he goes by, he answered: I have only 2 rules in my life: Number One – Never give out all the information.

When asked what his favourite place in the world is, he answered: ‘wherever I am is always best!