We approach every project in a systematic manner

This enables us to achieve a consistently high standard of work.
It also saves our clients time and money.

Before we start a project we will need the answers to the questions below.

Background to the project

What is your history, present situation and where you are heading?

What do you need

A brochure, website, advertising or a complete new rebrand. How will the message be delivered?

Competitive analysis

What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and the issues affecting you and how you work?


What are you trying to achieve from the project?

Target Audience

Who are they and what makes them tick?

Single-minded proposition

What is the single most differentiating and motivating message to get the target audience to respond in the way you want?


What information can you give us to support the proposition and persuade the target audience you can deliver what you promise?

Tone of voice

Professional, fun, logical, emotive?

Practical stuff

Budget, timing and any other important things we should know. This does not include your favorite colour. Unless it’s yellow.