Laptop on desk displaying email campaign

In the last couple of years, the marketing spotlight has moved away from email marketing, partly as a response to an increasing focus upon social media channels and also as a reaction to poorly targeted and badly executed campaigns.

But, let’s not forget that email is one thing that pretty much all of us use on a daily basis – an essential component of our communication networks that forms the basis and starting point for all other web-based channels. When you think about it, it’s virtually impossible to join or sign-up for any other comm’s without giving your email address.

So, it’s still very much part of our business world, and if we ignore its potential, we’d be missing a trick!

Keeping in touch

You need to be covering all the bases when it comes to keeping in touch with your market. If used intelligently, it’s a great way of keeping in contact with your existing customers and reaching out to potential ones.

Customers First

When considering your outbound marketing, it’s easy to focus on new business and neglect the rich vein of additional business that you could be mining from your existing clients. After all, they have used you in the past and if you’ve looked after them well, they’ll be warm to further approaches and communication.

Good design encourages positive response

If your email design is tailored for viewing on mobiles and tablets, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll be opened and responded to. An email demands more of an immediate response than a passive message on other channels. It’s a good opportunity for engagement and opting-in to your future communications.

It’s all about quality

You won’t be surprised to learn that effectiveness is directly related to the quality of your data. Assuming that you’ve done your database ‘house-keeping’, email marketing will allow precision targeting. The right message to the right person at the right time is always going to be more effective than firing-out stuff blindly and hoping that somebody potentially interested will stumble upon it!

Measure the results

There’s no point in marketing blind – if you’re going to do it, you need to measure it! Email marketing is one channel where responses are easy to measure. Make sure that you’re set up to harvest the click-throughs, opt-ins/out, etc.…it then gives you the option of some worthwhile testing to see what works and what doesn’t.

Cost effective

Pound for pound, email marketing is a cost-effective tool. If you do it properly, it’s not going to be free (but let’s face it, not much in life worth having is!) but we need to remember that there are also costs associated with alternative online methods e.g. Pay per Click, Facebook ads, Google Ads etc.…

It’s also worth remembering that some of the most effective e-mail campaigns are multi-media and multi-channel involving related costs of mail-outs or telephone follow-ups.

Sustainable Brand building

Email marketing is a great way to create ongoing engagement with your brand. If the calls to action are effective and stimulate opt-ins to your future communications, you’re in the process of building a sustainable longer term relationship between you and your market, as opposed to the generation of ‘likes’ that require no further commitment or engagement.

An essential part of the toolkit

So, always ensure that email marketing is one of the tools you use from the full armoury of marketing tools and channels at your disposal, If it’s used thoughtfully and creatively, it can be a really effective tool for your business and, in these challenging times when face-to-face contact is out of the question perhaps you should be considering it for the first time or raising your game to improve response rates or communicate more regularly – can you afford not to?