Events and Exhibitions Checklist 

A physical presence at events is often a very good way to increase your visibility, awareness of your brand and interact with your target audience.

Obviously we all need to ensure that the event is right for us and we are ‘fishing in the right pool’ with a real opportunity to engage with the right people…


  • Up-to-date display graphics – branded correctly, saying the right thing and clearly articulating your value proposition. Short, punchy and getting the message across in seconds – people will not spend time to stand, read and digest too much information
  • Event/Show offer – something of tangible value that forms a real reason to engage with you
  • Up-to-date printed collateral to hand out – not too bulky or it might become a burden and be dumped before they leave
  • A video show reel that can be run on a monitor if available
  • Promotional ‘hand out’ items (pens, mugs, note pads etc…suitably branded)
  • Sweets to give away – offering them is a good way of letting people engage without having to approach and instigate the conversation themselves (Not massive sticky chewy ones though – a bit of a conversation killer…..)
  • Methods for data collection – great conversations can be missed opportunities if you don’t have their name and contact details when they finish. An iPad/tablet (or at least a pad and pen) to allow them to input their details
  • Establish if there is a Wi-Fi connection available for your iPads /tablets (data collection/show and tell)
  • Do you have all the ‘bits’ of your display unit – worth checking the case/packaging beforehand?
  • If you have lights, are they working and do you have power cables?
  • A bowl or similar to collect business cards
  • LinkedIn App on your phone – people might want to connect there and then
  • Plenty of your business cards!
  • Check exhibitor passes and parking arrangements
  • Several buckets of enthusiasm – we’ve all seen those stands with people sitting down behind a counter ‘faces a long as a fiddle’, on their phones, looking bored….Hmmm